iPhone Pro Tip Of The Day

This is the iPhone tip of the day. I do many pro tips around technology here on my blog as well as on various social media platforms. This tip is not necessarily unique, but somewhat different. This is a tip to teach you how to receive tips from your iPhone. That way you can learn […]

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Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Microsoft Surface Pro

I – being and IT professional have had many PC’s & Macs. I will never not have a high-powered Desktop because well, it is like what a muscle car is to a gear head desktops are to someone like me ‘IT Nerd’. I love to have a high-end gaming machine with an overpriced video card […]

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Phone Calculator

iPhone Delete Digits in Calculator App

You know when you’re entering a long number in your iPhone’s Calculator app and you mistype a digit or two? You don’t actually have to hit clear and start over. Delete individual digits by swiping over the numbers (left or right, it doesn’t matter which direction.) Each swipe will delete another digit until your reach […]

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